Motivational Program

We make sure you benefit from our motivational program.


BASIC VALUES / SKILLS Key support partners
Academics (how does it relate to success)

    What is your role

  • be attentive in class
  • ask questions to understand
  • revise your notes
  • pass your examinations
  • maintain good grades
Teachers, Parents, Aunties, Uncles, Priests/Pastors
Life values

    Do you know the core life values: (Elementary level) love, respect, FAITH, communication, confidence, selfesteem, care, self-awareness, affection, beauty, hygiene, socializing, assertiveness, considering your parents etc
Parents, Aunties, Uncles,Grand parents, Teachers
Knowing your self

    Do you know who you are? (it helps you to know your strengths, weaknesses & throw bad habits)
Parents, Counselors, Priests/Pastors, Teachers

    Open up to people of your trust if faced with pressing issues
Parents, Aunties, Friends, Teachers, Pastor
Bad company /Peer pressure

    Read 1st Cor. 15 Vs.
Parents, Aunties, Friends, Teachers, Pastor

    Avoid gossip Stay Quiet
Stay Quiet You don’t have to know it all
Silent Favours

    Do not give room to people who give you offers and ask you to keep it secret
Share with a trusted Elder i.e. Parent, Aunt
Need to know your background then you will define where you want to be:

    You are setting the pace for your siblings
School is your battle ground to fight “poverty”

    Allow your brain to ask questions BUT do not argue too much with Teachers, Elders or Leaders
Self control
Laziness, Ignorance and Poverty trap (The worst diseases in life)

    Make up your mind to avoid the trap and keep active in co-curricular activities
Your time in School is your investment for future happiness


Motivation describes the wants or needs that direct behavior toward a goal. When we refer to someone as being motivated, we mean that the person is trying hard to accomplish a certain task; having motivation is clearly important for someone to perform well. Both the achievement and cognitive approaches to motivation examine the various factors that influence our motivation.

Achievement and Cognition in Motivation

Cognitive and achievement approaches to motivation examine how factors like achievement goals and cognitive dissonance influence motivation.

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