The motivational songs
herein are educative to children, youth, students and parents.Listening to music is a hobby to many who I trust will enjoy, learn and support. Proceeds of this project will help in the advocacy of Ideal children in Uganda. Youtube channel

Omusinji Omunywevu song – is dedicated to my parents.Music Producer:Tender Touch audio – visual studio.

Contact: ; +256 71 491901.

About Tracy G Tusaba

She is she a Public Administrator and Lecturer

  • She is passionate about writing and writes articles in the Ugandan media.
  • She writes motivational songs to impart knowledge in a fluid manner.
  • She cares about her non Ugandan students but urges them to team work and seek for interpretation of the song and learn the language.


Its being a long journey but by God’s grace we have made it. Below we share with you some of the challenges we are facing.

  • Fund to produce more songs and video
  • COVID-19 has made things complicated.
  • Studio work is not an easy thing.