Use of Body Parts in the fight against COVID-19 Pandemic

Tragedy of COVID-19 Pandemic has necessitated global consultations, enforcement of safety measures and continuous guidance to publics by supreme administrators championing order and command. The situation has resulted into recess of selective business and organisational operations but left us liberty to communicate. Scientific management of COVID-19 is an on-going challenge to the scientists. In the wait for the remedy, let us adhere to body parts and support them with Discipline; Prime administration begins with body parts that effectively co-ordinate to make us healthy and happy. We are faced with a situation where passion for health is key and I am compelled to share my thoughts to the quarantined minds, that body parts by creation are core and should not be taken for granted. Practice of regular hand washing has been of less importance thus an abuse to the responsible body parts.

Vigilance; Because body parts are sensitive to each other, the eyes follow the ears in the event of queer sound but do not see sound. The global pandemic that has taken us unawares into quarantine requires us to scale up vigilance and communicate danger, to people entrusted with various responsibilities whilst extending care to constituted families consisting of minors, terminally ill and differently abled persons. Credit is given to dwellers that have helped in identifying citizens stigmatized to COVID-19 exposure thus alerting task force teams.

Team work; Our 5 fingers with support of the palm hold onto stuff and retain it. Even when they hold liquid, they remain moist. The palm is the Government support and the 5 fingers should be the teams that render support regardless of status. The on-going acts of philanthropy to the national task force are lessons to cherish. Team work yields collective results with no bias to gain but completion

Solidarity; Body parts harmonise their functions with ease. So use of body parts in the fight against COVID-19 is affordable to all. Administrators are emphasizing measures within our possession. Solidarity steers public mindset, to harmonised actions. When body parts harmonise to slumber, they uniformly rest with trust that the Heart will tirelessly and endlessly function. We trust that Governments’ tireless effort in preventing this pandemic will not be in vain so we restore routine duties.

Embrace Dynamics; Growth of body parts is visible when appearances change gradually. Public administration is governed on principles and rationale to embrace dynamics; a process that is time consuming. Therefore, publics should be flexible to change and adapt guidelines in place about COVID-19 preventive measures. A wound on a toe, is felt all over the body that absorbs the pain and remains intact and strong. We are propelled into decision to cope with change from freedom to quarantine life.

For sure, some body parts work harder and rewarded less. Like the hands toil for food cook it and feed the mouth but hardly know the taste of food. In this regard we are grateful to selected and committed personnel to be of continuous service in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. To us like the body parts that toil less, are required to be obedient and support the President of Uganda His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s honest appeals in respect of supreme public administration and timely decision making. In the seminal writings of Herbert A. Simon (1947), a public administration theorist urged that, operational administrative decisions should be correct, efficient and practical to implement with a set of co-ordinated means. Politely, I share my belief that body parts are co-ordinated tools aiding us in the fight against COVID-19 Pandemic.

Written by: Tracy G. Tusaba
Public Administration Lecturer with the International University of East Africa .Founder of Idealchild (U) Ltd and Member with the Palliative Care Ass. of Uganda.

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