Our Vision

To have a nation with responsible children

Our Mission

To impart and provide life values to children in need and psycho-social help

Our Life Values

Love, Respect, FAITH, Communication, Confidence, Self-esteem, Care, Self-awareness, Affection, Beauty, Hygiene, Socializing, and Assertiveness.

About Ideal Child

Start up with us

Idealchild (U) Ltd was formed in 2014 by Tracy G.Tusaba and Josephine Nakawoya as students at Kyambogo University. Both Tracy and Josephine are practicing educationists with passion to help parents scale up care to their children.
A number of parents, are busy at work, it is evident that children are partly raised by domestic assistants.

We care for the Elderly

The elderly in society call for sympathy. It is so fulfilling to help them when in need.Palliative Care too should be provided if they are suffering from terminal illness.

We think of Nature

In life we have all loved and taken photographs to see how happy we are and for future memories, and keep the photos in albums or folders.

What we do

We are here for you, Look into our services and don’t hesitate contact us

Palliative Care Advocacy

We looks at person and family-centred care provided for a person with an active, progressive, advanced disease,

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Empowerment & Life Transition

This is a program we provide to people who are transitioning from one state to life to another.

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Motivational Program

Motivation describes the wants or needs that direct behavior toward a goal. When we refer to someone.

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